Scientific Instruments

AcidimeterAmount of acid in a solution
AcidometerSpecific gravity of an acid solution
Actinometer Intensity of radiation
Alcoholometer Percentage of alcohol in a liquid
Altimeter Height above sea level
Ammeter Electric current
Anemometer Wind speed and direction
Audiometer Range of hearing
Auxanometer Linear growth of plant shoots
Barograph For continuous recording of atmospheric pressure
Barometer Atmospheric pressure
Bathometer Depth of water
Bathymeter Ocean depths
Binocular To view distant objects
Bolometer Radiant energy
Calorimeter Heat
CarburetorAn internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol vapour
Chronometer Time (with high accuracy)
Clinometer Angle of an incline
Colorimeter (tintometer) Colour hues and brightness
CraniometerCranium and skull
Crescograph Growth in plants
Cryometer Low temperatures
Cryptometer Opacity of pigments and paints
CyclometerNumber of revolutions made by a wheel
Cyclotron To accelerate charged particles to high energies
Declinometer Magnetic declination
Densimeter Density
Dynamometer Measures electrical power
Densitometer Optical density
Dilatometer Volume changes of liquids
Drosometer Amount of dew deposited
Dynameter Magnifying power of telescopes
Dynamo Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
Electrometer Measures very small, potential difference in electric current
Electroscope Detects presence of an electric current
Endoscope Examines internal organs of the body
Eudiometer Volumetric analysis of gas reactions
Extensometer Small changes of length
Fathometer Depths of water
Fluorometer Ultraviolet radiation
Fluxmeter Measures magnetic flux
Galactometer Specific gravity of milk
Galvanometer Small electric currents
Gaussmeter Intensity of magnetic filed
Goniometer Angles between the faces of a crystal
Gradiometer Gradients
Gravimeter Earth’s gravity; specific gravity

Heliometer Small angular distances between celestial bodies
Hydrometer Density of liquids
Hygrometer Humidity of air
Hypsometer Altitude by boiling point of water
Inclinometer Magnetic inclination
Interferometer Wavelengths of light
Konimeter Dust in air
Machometer Speed at and beyond the speed of sound of an aircraft
Magnetometer Magnetic field
Manometer Gas or vapour pressure
MicrometerAccurate measurement of thickness
Odometer Distance over ground
Ohmmeter Electrical resistance
Optometer Range of vision
Orometer Height above sea level
Osmometer Osmotic pressure
Pedometer Distance walked
Periscope To view objects above sea level (used in submarines)
PiezometerCompressibility of material under pressure
Planimeter Surface arc of a plane surface
Planometer Flatness of surfaces
Pluviometer Another term for rain gauge
Pneumatometer Pressure of air inhaled or exhaled during a single breath
Polarimeter Polarisation of light
Potentiometer Potential difference
Potometer Water uptake by a plant
Psychrometer Atmospheric humidity
Pulsimeter Pulse rate
Pyrheliometer Intensity of sun’s heat
Pyknometer Determines the density and coefficient of expansion of liquids
Pyrometer High temperatures
Radar For detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves
Rain gauge An apparatus for recording rainfall at a particular place
ReflectometerRatio of the energy of a reflected wave to the incident wave
RefractometerRefractive index
Saccharimeter Strength of sugar solutions by polarised light
SaccharometerStrength of sugar solutions by specific gravity
Salinometer Amount of salt in a solution
Sclerometer Hardness of material
SeismographMeasures the intensity of earthquake shocks
Salinometer Salinity of solution
SextantUsed by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star
Sonometer Sound
Spectrometer Deflection of rays by prisms
Spectrophotometer Photometric intensity of wavelengths in a spectrum
Speedometer Speed (of machines)
Spherometer Curvature of surfaces
Sphygmomanometer Arterial blood pressure
Spirometer Air capacity of lungs
StereoscopeTo view two-dimensional pictures
StethoscopeUsed by the doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds
Stroboscope To view rapidly moving objects
Tachometer Speed of rotation (rev counter)
Tachymeter Rapid surveying
Tasimeter Small temperature changes
Telemeter Distant objects
Tellurometer Distances, up to about 50 km
Thermometer Temperature
Teleprinter Receives and sends typed messages from one place to another
Telescope Views distant objects in space
TheodoliteMeasures horizontal and vertical angles
Thermostat Regulates the temperature at a particular point
Tonometer Pitch of sound
Udometer Another term of rain gauge
Vaporimeter Vapour pressure
Variometer Variations in a magnetic field; rate of climb or descent of an aircraft
Venturimeter Measures rate of flow of liquids
Viscometer Viscosity of liquids
VolumeterVolume of solid, liquid or gas
Wattmeter Electric power in watts
Wavemeter Measures the wavelength of radiowave

Zymometer Degree of fermentation


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