Famous Books about Pakistan (English)

Jinnah of Pakistan
Stanley Wolpert

Jinnah, Creator of Pakistan
Hector Bolitho

The Sole Spokesman
Ayesha Jalal

Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence
Jaswant Singh

The murder of history
Khursheed Kamal Aziz

Pakistan: A Hard Country
Anatol Lieven

The Idea of Pakistan
Stephen Philip Cohen

The Indus saga and the making of Pakistan
Aitzaz Ahsan

The Great Divide
Harry Hodson

Songs of Blood and Sword
Fatima Bhutto

Train to Pakistan
Khushwant Singh

Pakistan: Fifty Years Of Nationhood
Shahid Javed Burki

A Short History of Pakistan
Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi

In the Line of Fire: A Memoir
Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan, the formative phase, 1857-1948
Khalid B. Sayeed

The Making of Pakistan: A Study in Nationalism
Khursheed Kamal Aziz

Pakistan: Between Mosque And Military
Husain Haqqani

Midnight’s Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India’s Partition
Nisid Hajari

Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within
Shuja Nawaz

Pakistan or partition of India
B. R. Ambedkar

The emergence of Pakistan
Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

The Great Divide
Harry Hodson

The myth of independence
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

My Brother
Fatima Jinnah

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography
Mohammad Ayub Khan

Daughter of the East
Benazir Bhutto

Pakistan: A Modern History
Ian Talbot

The Military and Politics in Pakistan
Hasan Askari Rizvi

A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Mohammed Hanif

Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan
Hamid Khan


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